We inform you that the development of ICOs and STOs is carried out in collaboration with our Swiss Partner
leader in Europe, with documented experience and listed on CoinMarketCap

Our Added Value ?

We not only provide you with access to the most competent blockchain partner in such a complex and avant-garde market, but also the best advice in strategic analysis, tax planning, premium marketing and digital communication, which are the essential elements to create the right degree of credibility of your initiative in the eyes of potential investors.

By working with us you will benefit a turnkey project management service that can offer you discounts that you would not have access to, as well a third party in the optimization of budgets and in the choice of technical solutions


What they are and how they differ


Initial Coin Offering and Security Token Offering constitute
the placing on the market of new crypto-currency or tokens with a defined purpose

Which difference between the two modes ?

By analogy with traditional currencies and financial markets, Initial Coin Offering places a Utility Token on the market that can be used as a currency for the purchase of goods and services provided by the issuing company, while Security Token Offering places on the market a Security Token that can be compared to a shareholding in the issuing company. The functions and features of both tokens are fully customizable by the issuer through the use of smart contracts.

Let's see therefore two examples of application in the real economy

Utility Token

An example of a concrete application of utility tokens in the real economy can be found in a company that allows you to rent electric scooters in the main european cities, paying for the service either by credit card or through the use of their cryptocurrency. In order to encourage users to use the latter, the company offers discounts to customers who make the payment in crypto.

Security Token

Imagine that you need to raise capital to start a new business. The security token allows you to offer investors a digital asset that will allow them, for example, to participate in the distribution of dividends in proportion to their investment, or to take advantage of special treatments and/or services reserved, also through the use of smart contracts.


From the business plan to the placing of tokens on the market


No detail can be underestimated to achieve the goal and it's necessary to align aspects of
strategic analysis, taxation, banking, marketing, technological development and investor relations

We will be your point of reference

Thanks to the expertise of our partner, european market leader in its sector, and to our multidisciplinary know-how in project management, premium marketing and digital communication, we will make your token offer successful by guiding you in the process that goes from defining the business plan up to listing in the exchanges. Want to get an idea? Below are listed some of the main aspects to be addressed together

Strategic Analysis

Thanks to the strategic business consulting offered by the Tax Planner team, we will support you in the evaluation of your project by analyzing the reference market, competitors, customer acquisition costs and other factors to ensure business profitability and sustainability.

Business Plan

We will proceed by assisting you in the creation of an effective business plan and related pitch for investors, as well as the drafting of the white paper and the executive summary to be published online on your initiative's website to inform users interested in investing.

International regulations

Advice on the status of cryptocurrency, ICO and STO regulations at international level, and consequent strategic choice of tax residence according to the location of target market and potential investors.

KYC and AML requirements

Requirements of KYC procedures for the identification of investors for anti-money laundering purposes, evaluation of the interaction between the choice of the target market and the territorial restrictions in place on potential investors.

Banking Relations

Thanks to the collaboration with the Tax Planner team expert in international banking and thanks to a dense network of European partners, you will find support in opening banking relationships and obtaining the special authorizations necessary to operate in the crypto sector.

Investor Relations

In collaboration with our partners we will take care of investor relations by announcing your initiative to the community and by looking for financial advisors by geographical areas that are committed to identifying stakeholders interested in investing in the project.

Marketing and Press

We will work with you to develop the best marketing and communication strategy, creating a high quality website, taking care of social communication and spreading the initiative through the main media in the sector.

Token Development

Thanks to the collaboration between our partner and our development team, we will build the blockchain infrastructure where necessary and we will design and program all the smart contracts you need.

Token Sale

Thanks to the collaboration with our partner we will help you to manage pre-sale, public-sale and post-sale operations by providing you with the platform dedicated to the tokens sale.

Listing in the Exchanges

Situation of the market of Exchanges, evaluation of the most appropriate platforms in proportion to the budget and to the estimated trade volume, listing request.

Request information

A consultant of the multidisciplinary team will contact you for free within 48 working hours

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