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blockchain and cryptocurrencies offer a world of opportunities.
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  1. What the blockchain is and how it works
  2. Assets unreproducibility and immutability
  3. Decentralisation and disintermediation
  4. Blockchain permissioned or permissionless
  5. Public or private blockchain
  6. Blockchain use cases in the business
  7. When a database is better than a blockchain
  8. Blockchain as a service and opensource solutions
  9. Reflections on the skills market
  10. Mining, mempool, statistics and network aspects


  1. Historical and legal background
  2. nalogies and diversity with the banking system
  3. Send and receive payments with the wallets
  4. Buy cryptocurrencies and convert them to Euro
  5. Security and anonymity of transactions
  6. Security in asset conservation
  7. Billing and accounting
  8. National and international tax legislation
  9. Smart contracts and Lightning network
  10. Initial Coin Offerings


All solutions are available in Italian and English


We offer participation in events and workshops as speakers on cryptocurrency and blockchain issues, with special conditions reserved for professional orders and trade associations.

Tailor-made training for managers and companies dedicated to blockchain technology, Bitcoin, smart contracts, lightning network and possibility of usage in various business sectors.


If you are a professional or an investor and have special needs regarding the expansion of your expertise in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, you will have with us the opportunity to obtain personalized training sessions on site or remotely. Alternatively, you can take into consideration the Bitcoin Kit service.

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