The blockchain is a distributed archive over several nodes of the internet and
it's used to store information in a manner that is definitive and unalterable

So far nothing exceptional, right?

At first glance, the blockchain looks like something ordinary,
but it brings 3 important innovations with the implications that follow


It allows for the first time to permanently transmit a digital asset and not a copy of it, as in the case of use that created and made famous this technology: the payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


It allows the creation of an infrastructure shared by several actors operating, for example, in a single market or in the same supply chain, ensuring the inviolability and non-modifiability of the information entered without the need for intermediaries.


Decentralized means distributed on multiple nodes over the Internet and managed by several players at a global level. This gives the effective possibility to create a technological infrastructure above the control of the single nations.


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We help you to understand how blockchain can be useful in your business with a dedicated consultancy service. Request your first consultancy for free.

We develop blockchain and smart contracts solutions and we offer project management and consultancy on as-a-service blockchain solutions for businesses that need to implement new infrastructures.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) and Security Token Offerings (STO) development and consultancy on KYC prerequisites for each country, utility and security token emission methods and technologies, exchange listing and intermediation with the most suitable interlocutors.

Personalized training services dedicated to blockchain technology, Bitcoin, smart contracts, lightning network and possibility of usage in various business sectors.


We provide to professionals and businesses a turnkey solution to accept payments in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, with protection against volatility and maximum fee 0.25%.

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